27 February 2011

How We Got Fitz.

So as many of you know (and if you don't you do now) that we have 3 dogs...Mojo
A 3 year old Boston Terrier/Boxer mix

Tipsy, Mojo's sister

And Ace, a 1 year old Great Dane

So I thought we were done. Especially since Ace would totally make it difficult to find houses/apartments to rent with his 125 lbs of adorableness. And then my wonderful husband decided it would be a fantastic idea to "just look" at the pet section of Craigslist. For those of you who know how we acquired Ace, you know this is a bad idea for us. For those of you who don't I'll tell you: My husband and I opened up Craigslist one evening because we were bored, we looked and didn't see anything until we saw the post "Great Dane Puppy $100 Good Home" 1 week later and $100 cheaper we had Ace the Great Dane. That's what happened today. On a much quicker scale. "Siberian Husky To Good Home" in the actual listing they said "$25 rehoming fee to cover the bag of food we will give you." So I emailed while debating things like "Will the dogs be ok?" "Can we handle a 4th dog?" "Should we stay in FL and purchase a house" (<--jury is still out on that). A few hours had passed and I was giving up hope. Then I got the email saying he was just the perfect dog and they just don't have the time for him. My heart melted and we jumped in the car, the entire drive we were both laughing and shaking our heads. What were we thinking? When we got there we fell in love (of course) and we said we'd take him. I brought up the "rehoming fee" and the lady looked at me and said take him, you guys will give him a great home. And we added Fitzpatrick (Fitz for short) to our pack. 

Fitz, 4 years old, Siberian Husky

Lessons I've learned in the 3 hours of having Fitz and 3 other dogs:
Siberian Huskies shed. a lot. 
Fitz's hair sticks to everything including other dogs. 
It's pretty hard to wrangle 4 dogs on leashes. 
Huskies have an adorable chatter/bark/howl
I need more lint rollers. stat. 

On the way home from getting Fitz we just looked at each other like we were nuts. And, in reality we are. We have FOUR DOGS. We're ridiculously insane. But we're in love with all of them and wouldn't trade them for the world. 


  1. Crazy, but animals are great loves!

  2. At least now you have someone who can play with Ace and not get hurt! ;) Fitz is just so pretty, I would love to have a Husky but Mister says that would just be mean since we always get stuck in hot areas. :( Not to mention how much they shed. lol

  3. They are all adorable. I am the same way with petfinder.com.I am on there all the time and keep showing DH dogs... he always shoots me down haha. Congrats on the addition to the family. :)