22 February 2011

Two posts in one night...go me.

So I was never able to link my last blog with the I <3 faces website so I guess it was pointless but a good pic nonetheless.

Today my husband, who is out to sea, emailed a very important topic of discussion. One I hadn't even thought about being a possibility,  not sure why I didn't, anything is possible with the Navy! Expect the unexpected, right? It is something that I have only mentioned to a few close Navy friends and will continue to hold off officially posting anywhere else. As it is we Are in the beginning stages, very early but things have the potential to move very fast. We have no definite or even time frame for when a decision might be reached. At least I don't hubby may and just not had the chance to inform me. But when the solids are as solid as they are going to get with the military I will fill you all in.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers

Thanks, Mrs. ET

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