24 March 2011


We'll not be putting an offer down...stuff came up. still searching...we'll see.

23 March 2011

The ET's buy a house. EEP!

Yikesabee....buying a house.

Something you normally think about for a long time before deciding to take that step.

Not us.

We got a 4th dog and decided to try and stay in FL for a few more years than we planned originally!

So the house search started about three weeks ago and we've looked at what seems like hundreds of houses.

Ok, it's only been about 20. Max.

But we found one. It's a place that you walk in and at first you think..."interesting" but then you see past the cosmetic stuff (like the mismatched and poorly laid tile floors throughout) and you start to see it as your home. The place that you can do with as you please (well...as long as you can still sell it at a later date haha) the home that you want to come to after a long days work, where your puppies can play in the backyard that's at least three times the size of the one you're in now, where we can grill out by the pool. Yeah, I said pool. A home that has enough room for our roommate AND a guest bedroom AND a place to put an office/studio space.

So tomorrow we're going to meet with our realtor and *hopefully* write up an offer for said house. The house that has an offer already on it. But we're hoping to up the offer and see how that works out. I've watched enough House Hunters on HGTV to know that it is iffy and I can't get my hopes up. But this house has everything we need. Everything we need.

So fingers crossed.

While buying a house is exciting, it's terrifying. What happens if we can't rent it out or sell it when we inevitably PCS?? We can't stay in FL forever, nor do we really want to. But the market is too good to pass up. So tomorrow we'll be meeting with the realtor not just filled with excitement but with a good dose of anxiety and fear of being homeowners!

21 March 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Oh. My. Goodness. This past week at least 4 of my family/friends found out they were pregnant. That brings the total to something like 38. (Ok, maybe not, but close enough!) Everyone I know is either pregnant, trying to conceive or just had a baby. I love kids, I do, I even want a few (twin girls...get all the pregnant stuff out of the way and give us our two kiddos and we'll be done) but there are so many things that I want to do first!

My baby bucket list--in pictures:

World Traveler
Ok, more like travel overseas at least once.

Purchase a home with the hubby
(becoming a reality soon)

Lose 45 more lbs
This is about 18 lbs down, I'm now ALMOST down 21 lbs and I have about 45 more to go! 

Have more girl's nights OR just get out more in general with the hubby!

road trip!!

Girls only trip to Vegas 
(I have no idea who these girls are) 

Trip to Vegas with my hubby

Ok. Ok....before I get too carried away I should stop...at this point we won't be having kids until we're 40...and that's a little too far away for my tastes! 

In all seriousness pregnancy is all over the place and I do love to see it, I just need to keep reminding myself of the things I still want to do and not get caught up in the blue and pink world of babydom...it's very easy to sit around on Facebook and see all the pregnant ladies or the cute little newborns and think "why aren't we having kids now??" We aren't having kids now because we know when we'll be ready...and that time is definitely not now. 

05 March 2011


That's me...I'm in a pissy mood this morning.

28 February 2011

Almost to 50! Giveaway?

So....I'm almost to 50 followers. Would you guys be up to a giveaway contest? Something along the lines of posting about me/linking to the blog on FB, commenting on the blog, tweeting about the blog. And then you get your name in the "cover" (haha) for the prize (which is yet to be determined) for each social network that you use.

I'm just putting feelers out to see if you'd be willing to participate!

27 February 2011

How We Got Fitz.

So as many of you know (and if you don't you do now) that we have 3 dogs...Mojo
A 3 year old Boston Terrier/Boxer mix

Tipsy, Mojo's sister

And Ace, a 1 year old Great Dane

So I thought we were done. Especially since Ace would totally make it difficult to find houses/apartments to rent with his 125 lbs of adorableness. And then my wonderful husband decided it would be a fantastic idea to "just look" at the pet section of Craigslist. For those of you who know how we acquired Ace, you know this is a bad idea for us. For those of you who don't I'll tell you: My husband and I opened up Craigslist one evening because we were bored, we looked and didn't see anything until we saw the post "Great Dane Puppy $100 Good Home" 1 week later and $100 cheaper we had Ace the Great Dane. That's what happened today. On a much quicker scale. "Siberian Husky To Good Home" in the actual listing they said "$25 rehoming fee to cover the bag of food we will give you." So I emailed while debating things like "Will the dogs be ok?" "Can we handle a 4th dog?" "Should we stay in FL and purchase a house" (<--jury is still out on that). A few hours had passed and I was giving up hope. Then I got the email saying he was just the perfect dog and they just don't have the time for him. My heart melted and we jumped in the car, the entire drive we were both laughing and shaking our heads. What were we thinking? When we got there we fell in love (of course) and we said we'd take him. I brought up the "rehoming fee" and the lady looked at me and said take him, you guys will give him a great home. And we added Fitzpatrick (Fitz for short) to our pack. 

Fitz, 4 years old, Siberian Husky

Lessons I've learned in the 3 hours of having Fitz and 3 other dogs:
Siberian Huskies shed. a lot. 
Fitz's hair sticks to everything including other dogs. 
It's pretty hard to wrangle 4 dogs on leashes. 
Huskies have an adorable chatter/bark/howl
I need more lint rollers. stat. 

On the way home from getting Fitz we just looked at each other like we were nuts. And, in reality we are. We have FOUR DOGS. We're ridiculously insane. But we're in love with all of them and wouldn't trade them for the world. 

22 February 2011

Two posts in one night...go me.

So I was never able to link my last blog with the I <3 faces website so I guess it was pointless but a good pic nonetheless.

Today my husband, who is out to sea, emailed a very important topic of discussion. One I hadn't even thought about being a possibility,  not sure why I didn't, anything is possible with the Navy! Expect the unexpected, right? It is something that I have only mentioned to a few close Navy friends and will continue to hold off officially posting anywhere else. As it is we Are in the beginning stages, very early but things have the potential to move very fast. We have no definite or even time frame for when a decision might be reached. At least I don't hubby may and just not had the chance to inform me. But when the solids are as solid as they are going to get with the military I will fill you all in.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers

Thanks, Mrs. ET

I {heart} faces Phone Challenge

My husband and one of my best friends! She's 6 months pregnant...he had a big lunch! 
Taken with my phone! 

14 January 2011

I didn't lie!

So 11 days ago I said I was back, I really am! I've been devoting my time and energy to my weight loss journey. So far I've lost 7.6 lbs and there will be another weigh in this coming Monday! If you'd like to follow my blog on this journey then head on over to this link : From Chunky Dunk To Skinny Dip

The hubby and I are doing very well, we are currently curled up on separate ends of our couch (we like our space) and all our puppies are surrounding us! In a few weeks he'll have a little bit of leave and we're just going to chill out here. It's cheaper! LOL

03 January 2011

I'm back!

Sooo after an unintentional, offhanded comment from my husband I realized I hadn't really blogged in well over 6 months. SO with renewed confidence (it's pretty awesome when your husband tells you he reads your blogs) and also the goal to not procrastinate as well as keeping up with the photography blog and the new weight loss blog I should be able to keep up with everything! So KEEP following me! And if you're looking for all the archived posts, sorry, they're gone. All 164 of them...oops? New year, new start!