23 March 2011

The ET's buy a house. EEP!

Yikesabee....buying a house.

Something you normally think about for a long time before deciding to take that step.

Not us.

We got a 4th dog and decided to try and stay in FL for a few more years than we planned originally!

So the house search started about three weeks ago and we've looked at what seems like hundreds of houses.

Ok, it's only been about 20. Max.

But we found one. It's a place that you walk in and at first you think..."interesting" but then you see past the cosmetic stuff (like the mismatched and poorly laid tile floors throughout) and you start to see it as your home. The place that you can do with as you please (well...as long as you can still sell it at a later date haha) the home that you want to come to after a long days work, where your puppies can play in the backyard that's at least three times the size of the one you're in now, where we can grill out by the pool. Yeah, I said pool. A home that has enough room for our roommate AND a guest bedroom AND a place to put an office/studio space.

So tomorrow we're going to meet with our realtor and *hopefully* write up an offer for said house. The house that has an offer already on it. But we're hoping to up the offer and see how that works out. I've watched enough House Hunters on HGTV to know that it is iffy and I can't get my hopes up. But this house has everything we need. Everything we need.

So fingers crossed.

While buying a house is exciting, it's terrifying. What happens if we can't rent it out or sell it when we inevitably PCS?? We can't stay in FL forever, nor do we really want to. But the market is too good to pass up. So tomorrow we'll be meeting with the realtor not just filled with excitement but with a good dose of anxiety and fear of being homeowners!

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  1. We were planning on buying a house when we PCS, but then started to looking at the market in our new location. Its a great buyers market, awful for sellers so we're holding off. boo Good luck on getting this house!